Spring Show 2006

22 July 2006


Bega Town Hall was filled with thousands of colourful blooms as the Sapphire Coast Orchid Club presented its Spring Orchid Show from 21-22 September. There were 312 plants on display, including the ever popular and showy Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilums and other exotic beauties. Australian Native Orchids were strongly respresented, filling the hall with their heady perfume. There were some truly spectacular, large plants of Dendrobium speciosum on display, complemented by lots of colourful Dendrobium kingianum hybrids, and a variety of other native species. The championships reflected the strong showing of native plants.

Well known Brogo growers John and Irene Stubbs won Grand Champion of the Show with a beautiful Dendrobium speciosum 'Windermere', carrying 7 racemes of pale yellow flowers. This plant was also awarded Champion Australian Native or Native Hybrid. John and Irene also won Champion Specimen Orchid, with another massive Dendrobium speciosum, carrying approx. 4700 flowers on 47 racemes. Transporting it to the show undamanged was a feat in itself! The Stubbs' added to their success with the lovely white Phalaenopsis Snow Cloud x Phal Flurry, which was awarded Champion Seedling Other Than Cymbidium.

Reserve Champion of the show was won by Shirley Beddingfield of Merimbula; with a petite yellow Masdevallia coccinea 'Wayne Miller' which also won Champion Orchid, Any Other Genera.

The Cymbidium sections were again well represented. Eden growers Bob and Muriel Bell won Champion Cymbidium 90mm and Over, with their beautifully presented green Cymbidium Jinjerra 'Desiree'. The Bells were also successful with their lovely arching Cymbidium Gladys Whitesell 'The Charmer', which was awarded Champion Cymbidium Under 60mm. Brenda Western from Ulladulla won Champion Cymbidium Seedling with her Cymbidium Rio Rita x Last Tango.

Overall Point score of the show went to Tura Beach growers Joy and Bob Richardson who won Champion Cymbidium 60mm to 90mm with their very well flowered Cymbidium Anna Szabo 'Geyserland'. This plant carried 3 racemes, held high above the foliage. The Richardson's success continued in the vandaceous classes, where their Phalaenopsis Brother Cat's Paw 'Purr' was awarded Champion Vandaceous Orchid. The Floral Art section was very well contestesd, and again the Richardson's were successful with their lovely arrangement of cymbidium flowers in a glass bowl.

Champion Paphiopedilum was awarded to Kianga growers Ron and Rose Boyd for their species Paphiopedilum malipoense. Kalaru growers Norma and John Stafford won Champion Laeliinae Alliance with their eye-catching Sophrolaelia Orpettii. Champion Species Orchid went to Dalmeny growers Peter and Laurina Vanest for a beautifully presented pot full of sparkling white Pleione formosana 'alba'.

In the Novice section, John and Lyn Ashton of Tura Beach gained Champion Novice for their dainty Australian Native species Sarcochilus olivaceus.

Last but not least, the new Photography classes were well contested. Brian and Anne Blackley from Merimbula came away with this Championship, with a beautifully composed digital image featuring Zygopetalum flowers.

The Sapphire Coast Orchid Club acknowledges the generous support of our sponsors, South East Fibre Exports and Southern NSW Timber and Hardware.

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© 2006 Graham Gray
Publicity Officer