2005 Spring Orchid Show

22 September 2005

Bega Town Hall was ablaze with colour as the Sapphire Coast Orchid Club presented the Spring Orchid Show. Cymbidium numbers were down on expectations, a victim of the erratic flowering that we have had this year, but the show was well supported by a wide variety of other genera giving 262 plants benched.

Overall Point score of the show went to Tura Beach growers Joy and Bob Richardson who won Grand Champion of the Show with an unusual complex Paphiopedilum mem. Robert Ward 'Robert' x Last Tango. This plant also won Champion Paphiopedilum. The Richardson's success continued in the Cymbidium 90mm and over class with the ever-popular Jubilation 'Geronimo' and the Cymbidium 60 to 90 mm with Anna Sjabo, a sometimes hard to flower variety.

Reserve Champion of the show was shown by Shirley Beddingfield of Merimbula, a petite yellow Masdevallia coccinea 'Wayne Miller' which also won Champion Species of the Show. Shirley a noted Australian native grower presented the Champion Seedling Any Other Genera with her Dendrobium Brinawa Charm x glamour x Den. King Wong, an exceptional large pink flower showing heaps of promise for the future.

Bodalla growers Anne Schramm and Ian Scott with Masdevallia Prince Charming, a deep red flower that changes colour as the light strikes it, took out Champion Orchid Any Other Genera.

Champion Specimen Orchid of the Show was an impressive Cymbidium Petite Port 'Mont Millaise' with 6 cream spikes grown by John Tanner of Pambula. Ulladulla grower, Rob Pollock successfully presented the Champion Cymbidium Seedling, Wyong 'Ruby' x Last Tango.

In the Novice section Brenda Western of Ulladulla had a very successful show, winning the Novice section and taking out the Champion Cymbidium under 60 mm and Champion Novice with Cymbidium Mary Pinches x Vogel Sang, an impressive plant with 5 brown spikes. She also was successful with Champion Laeliinae, Slc. California 'Apricot x C. amythystoglossa as well as Champion Vandaceous, Vanda Kashem's Delight x Chindavat X Varayuth

Respected Kalaru growers Norma and John Stafford presented the Champion Australian Native or Native Hybrid, a spectacular Dendrobium speciosum 'National White'

The Floral Art section was well represented at the show and Kay Hewitt of Merimbula won Champion.

Whist the erratic flowering year for growers was disappointing the judges agreed that the Champions table was as good as seen anywhere this year and was consistent with the high standard set by the Sapphire Coast Orchid Club.

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© 2005 Graham Gray
Publicity Officer